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Indianapolis Gas Leak Problems

Problem:  “There seems to be a natural gas smell in my home.”

Solution:  Let me tell you straight, it may not be the dog. You may very well have a gas line that is leaking. If you smell gas, turn off your gas immediately or call your local gas utility company and they will come out and turn off your gas and they will then tell you to call a plumber. The gas company does not repair gas leaks. Only a licensed plumbing company is permitted to work on gas lines and leaks in your home. Don’t mess around with gas. Call the licensed professionals at AttaBoy….and don’t get rid of Rover.

Problem:  “The gas company turned off my gas.”

Solution:  It may sound strange, but the gas company doesn’t repair gas lines and leaks on your property. That is the job of a licensed plumber. If the gas company turns off your gas because of some type of gas leak, a plumber (such as AttaBoy) will need to come out and perform a gas test to determine where the leak is coming from. Once located, the plumber can make the necessary repair so that the gas company can get your gas turned back on.

Problem:  “I would like to add a new gas line.”

Solution:  No problem! Got a new gas stove? Adding an outdoor fire pit? Moving your gas dryer? We do that. Your AttaBoy Plumber is licensed, qualified and an expert in local codes and ordinances to insure that your gas line addition meets all regulations.

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