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Indianapolis Water and Drain Line Leak Problems

Problem:  “I have a leaking pipe in my basement.”

Solution:  Depending on whether the leak is constant or sporadic, will determine if it’s a water line or a drain line. Leaking water and drain lines occur more often than you think…it’s just normal wear-and-tear. Whether your pipes are cast-iron, copper, PVC or PEX, and whether they are young, old or ancient, AttaBoy Plumbing is your leaking pipe specialist.

Problem:  “I have an underground pipe that has broken.”

Solution:  Even though we can’t see them, broken underground plumbing pipes, will reveal themselves in such ways as pooling water in the yard, drains that no longer flow, higher water bills and even being able to hear water running. AttaBoy Plumbing has the expertise to locate and repair or replace the broken underground pipe.

Problem:  “Does AttaBoy replace water or drain lines?”

Solution:  Absolutely! and with less hassle than what you might think. After evaluating the problem and consulting with you, your AttaBoy Plumber will install a new water or drain line per local code requirements and will have you back in business in no time.

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