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Other Plumbing Services for Indianapolis

Hot Water Circulating Pumps

Problem:  “I have to wait forever to get hot water to my shower.”

Solution: A hot water circulating pump could be your answer! These pumps are usually installed at your water heater and circulate hot water to the farthest faucet away from the water heater in your home. On a timer, circulating pumps can “jump start” hot water flow to your fixture, especially first thing in the morning. No more waiting and waiting for your hot shower!

Instant Hot Water Dispenser

Problem:  “I would like an Instant Hot Water Dispenser installed.”

Solution: These hot water dispensers are GREAT! They are basically little hot water heaters underneath your kitchen sink that can provide you with enough INSTANT hot water for hot cocoa, coffee….whatever your cup of tea may be! AttaBoy Plumbers can of course install these wonderful plumbing accessories.

Water Hammer / Knocking

Problem:  “I hear knocking or banging when I run water or flush my toilet.”

Solution: Knock! Knock! Who’s there? But this is not a joke, it’s simply irritating. Usually this phenomenon is associated with some kind of plumbing fixture mechanical that is starting to break down, such as a water supply shut-off valve or toilet fill valve. What is happening is that the internal components are loose and vibrating causing a humming, knocking or banging sound. AttaBoy Plumbers can identify the noise-maker and put it out of business.

Add a Basement Bathroom

Problem: “I would like to add a basement bathroom.”

Solution: We can do that! Call us and schedule a time to have an AttaBoy Plumber come out and listen to your wants and wish lists. From helping to achieve the “feel” and usability that you want to ensuring that your project meets all applicable plumbing codes and regulations, AttaBoy will help you every step of the way.

Rotten Egg Smell / Sewer Smell

Problem: “I smell rotten eggs/sewer gas/ sulfur.”

Solution: Your nose knows! But trying to find the culprit can be maddening! This unique odor can be caused by a plethora of plumbing break-downs including “dry” drain traps, water heater anode rods, broken toilet seals, sewage ejector leakage, water bacteria and a whole host of other things. We will send a Detective/Plumber to your home to sniff out the culprit and apprehend the problem….which your AttaBoy Plumber nose, er, knows, you know?

High Water Bill

Problem:  “My water bill is really high.”

Solution: With all other expenses skyrocketing, the last thing you need is a high water bill, not to mention the waste of water! A high water bill can be caused by a number of things including a slab leak (see Slab Leaks above), a toilet running (see Toilets above), a water line break in the yard (see Water/Drain Line Leaks above), or a leaking hose spigot (see Hose Spigot/Bibs above). Whatever the case, AttaBoy Plumbing can identify the cause and make the necessary repair. Sorry, we can’t do anything about gas prices!

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