Indianapolis Toilet Repairs

Toilet RepairsProblem:  “My toilet is constantly running.”

Solution:  Talk about a water waster! According to experts, a running toilet will waste two gallons of water PER MINUTE! That adds to a lot per year. Not only is that wasteful, but expensive as well! Our old friend, Mr. Hard Water is once again the culprit. The flushing mechanical have broken down and are unable to create good seals. Your AttaBoy Plumber can provide high-quality, professional-grade replacement materials to give new life to your toilet and protect your wallet.


Problem:  “There seems to be water coming from the base of my toilet.”

Solution:  Here are a few tests that you can perform to determine where the water is from. 1) Completely dry the floor around the base of the toilet. Take some toilet paper and lay it flatly on the floor with its edges touching the base of the toilet. Flush the toilet. If the toilet is leaking at the base, the toilet paper will absorb water from the base of the toilet. 2) Take some food coloring and drop a few drops into the tank (not the toilet bowl). Flush the toilet. Look for colored water trails leading to the base of the toilet. Follow the color. 3) Flush the toilet. Using a flashlight, shine the light underneath the tank and around the toilet bowl. Water will glisten. Follow the glistening trails. These are just a couple simple tests you can perform, but of course, your AttaBoy Plumber is a great leak detective who will solve the “Great Leaking Toilet” mystery and have the problem arrested in no time.


Problem:  “Why do I have to flush more than once after each toilet use?”

Solution:  Ok, here’s some information you can use at your next party: A toilet works by siphon action….it literally sucks the waste out of the toilet. The water in the tank is released through jets in the toilet bowl which create a siphon that pulls the water and waste out of the toilet bowl down the drain. Having to flush more than once may not be due to the amount of waste (sorry, potty-talk), but rather to the toilet jets “liming up” with hard water deposits not allowing a good siphon action to be created.


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