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AttaBoy Plumbing or Big Box Store for Best Price for Water Heater?

We get a lot of phone calls from people “shopping” to find the best price to clear a clogged drain, install a sump pump or to have their old water heater replaced. Because shopping around is so common, I wanted to take a little space here to talk about getting the best buy for a water heater.

First, you need to notice I did not say “lowest” price, and for good reason. Lowest price is definitely not synonymous with best price. I have often encountered a homeowner who was frustrated because they have purchased a water heater that seemed like a good deal at the time only to experience a great deal of frustration when it comes time to service it.

Probably the most common scenario goes like this:

1. A thrifty-minded homeowner purchases a water heater from a “big box store”. They get it installed and everything’s hunky dory.

2. One day the homeowner wakes up and discovers he or she has to take a cold shower and there’s little or no hot water from the faucets. So they call the store where they purchased their water heater and find out that they will have to call the manufacturer to rectify the issue. After talking with tech support on the other side of the globe to troubleshoot the issue it is eventually determined that the gas valve or burner assembly that is causing the problem is under warranty (this time), but will have to be shipped to them since they are no longer dealing with the big box store, but the water heater manufacturer.

3. The now angry customer does not want to wait for the part and calls a local plumbing company, like AttaBoy Plumbing, to get their water heater up and running again quickly. Overall, there ends up being no real cost savings and a disgruntled big box store customer.

The next time you are considering purchasing a plumbing fixture like a water softener, garage disposal, sewage pump or yes, water heater, your best price is going to be AttaBoy Plumbing. We major in customer service in Indianapolis, Broad Ripple, Greenwood, Brownsburg, Fishers, and Carmel.

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