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Carmel Clogged Drain, Oh My!

We received a Carmel clogged drain call yesterday.  This was a first time caller who, of course, called the Carmel clogged drain experts, AttaBoy Plumbing Company.

I took the call myself from this potential new Carmel AttaBoy Plumbing Company customer.  The customer stated that she had “stuff” coming up in her Carmel basement floor drain and derived that her “hole in the basement floor needed to be unclogged” and wanted a price to unclog her Carmel Clogged Drain.  I explained that seeing the stuff come up in the basement drain does not necessarily mean that she has a basement clogged drain, it could be another drain that is clogged, even her sewer drain line could be having issues.  I further explained to best diagnose the situation it would be best to send out one of our Carmel plumbers to check it out.

Well, as it turned out she did not have a clogged floor drain, and she did not have the worse case scenario of a clogged main sewer drain.  This Carmel customer had a clogged laundry drain which was backing up into the floor drain.  Another clog-free and satisfied AttaBoy Plumbing Company customer.  So, if you are in the Carmel area and experience a clogged drain, call the Carmel Clogged Drain experts at AttaBoy Plumbing Company for relief. (317)708.6008

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