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Fishers Customer Questions “Repair or Replace”?

I, personally, am a repair it kind of guy. And, that’s how our AttaBoy plumbers approach every job as well…usually a repair is less expensive for our customer, and it does the trick. However, there are times when it can be more cost effective to install new instead of spending money on a repair and our AttaBoy plumbers offer those options to our customers to help assist the home owner in making an informed decision.

There are also those times, or certain repairs, that we will not perform a repair and only offer a new or replacement option. Hose spigots are one such task. AttaBoy had a long time Fishers customer call in a couple weeks ago to service a leaking hose spigot.

Our plumber evaluated the spigot, that was installed by AttaBoy 11 years ago, and determined that hard water deposits had built up on the “seat” of the faucet and was/had “eaten” up the bulb plunger assembly of this anti-freeze hose spigot.

Our plumber gave only a replacement option offering the installation of a couple different models. Our long time Fishers customer told our plumber that he just wanted it repaired.

Our plumber explained that we do not repair hose spigots with that kind of symptom because our data/history as demonstrated that the repair does not “take”, or simply lasts for only a few usages; and, even though our customers are/were made aware of the reality of the repair we found that customers were still “upset” with spending money on the “repair” that did not last. Long story short, we wound up installing a new anti-freeze hose spigot.

We understand that no one wakes up in the morning and wants to spend money with a plumber…let alone more money for something new when one may be thinking it can just be repaired.

With that in mind, AttaBoy plumbers will always shoot straight with you using our combined experience, job histories, and expertise to provide you options that will provide you the greatest “bang for your buck”!

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