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Fishers Plumbing Lesson

We just earned another new Fishers customer who recently tried to repair a drain leak himself and wound up creating more of a mess than solving the problem – his words, not mine. We assured him that his story is very common…we’re just thankful he chose AttaBoy to provide the right fix.

Mr. Fishers (name is changed to protect the innocent) was experiencing a sporadic leak in the ceiling above his kitchen sink. To keep the story short, Mr. Fishers had done a very good detective job by finally deducing that it was not a drain line leaking, but, a drain vent line leaking. Vent lines allow your plumbing drain lines to breath so they will drain well.

If your drains lines don’t “breath” they will react much like a straw filled with liquid when you hold your finger over one end…it holds the liquid. Mr. Fishers had discovered that an 1-1/2 PVC fitting on the vent line was leaking when it rained and had tried to repair it with caulking silicone.

Great job on the leak detection (vent leaks are among the hardest to determine and find), not so great job on the repair. After his third attempt, Mr. Fishers called AttaBoy out and his AttaBoy Plumber made the proper repair (actually replacing the section of improperly installed venting) keeping the rain outside and his drains breathing properly…and, Mr. Fishers “breathing” a sigh of relief.

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