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Geist Plumbers can handle a little rain!

Yesterday’s quick and strong thunderstorms prompted me to let everyone know that when the rains come, so do many plumbing problems.   From sump pumps being overworked and giving out, to battery back-up sump pumps being triggered and the battery failing, to clogged drains, to water heaters bursting, etc.

I was in the Geist area yesterday when the storms came through and the streets quickly flooded.  I knew that we would be getting calls from our Geist customers needing help with their plumbing!

I always found it strange that when the weather changes, plumbing companies tend to getvery busy.  For example, did you know that when the barometric pressure changes outside, that it can wreak havoc on plumbing mechanicals that are on the verge of going out?  It’s true.  So whenever you see the weatherman showing a “low pressure” moving over Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Geist, etc, keep an eye on your plumbing and if you see a problem…..

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