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“I Should Have Listened to Your plumber”

I spoke with a Fishers customer today that we had serviced a couple weeks ago because her Fishers basement was flooding.  She had one of our Fishers Plumbers out to install a sump pump and backup system that she had purchased from a local “box” store.

Upon inspection of the purchased sump pump, our plumber advised the customer that unfortunately she had purchased a very low quality sump pump and that he didn’t feel it was going to be able to do the job a “professional grade” sump pump would.  He talked with her about the different types of sump pumps and back up systems that we would provide, the full warranty that comes with every sump pump as well as the assurance that she would be purchasing a Plumbing Contractor professional grade sump pump backed by her Fishers Plumber, AttaBoy Plumbing Company.

The customer decided to not take the recommendation of our plumber and had him install the one she purchased on her own.

Well unfortunately, the budget sump pump she purchased failed to handle the water in her sump pump pit and her Fishers basement began flooding this morning.

In our phone conversation, she said “I should have just listened to your plumber.  It would have saved me this mess!”

We hear this a lot!  Especially given the current economic situation we are in.  Husbands who try to fix their own plumbing over the weekend and wives who call in on Monday after their husband has gone to work to say “please fix the problem before he comes home!”  (Ladies, give them an A for effort!)  But please remember, the old adage is still true… get what you pay for.  Yes, plumbing can be expensive and sometimes it feels like you are throwing money down a hole (well, in a sump pump case, you kind of are…), but more often than not, it’s worth it having a plumbing professional take care of the problem and give you “peace of mind”.

So before you try to tackle that Fishers plumbing repair, call your Fishers plumber, AttaBoy Plumbing Company at 317-578-2882!

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