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It’s Raining Leaking Faucets, Sump Pumps and Water Heaters!

My dad had a saying, “learn to love a rainy day”. Well, as an adult I now understand the philosophical meaning of the saying…don’t let metaphoric storm clouds, grey skies, and rain bring you down…keep a skip in your giddyup and a smile on your face through good times and bad. I have tried to do just that in my personal life but I must admit that I “love a rainy day” for a different reason when it comes to AttaBoy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

You see, weather events like storms, snow and rain showers are caused by low barametric atmospheric pressure waves which effects plumbing mechanicals kind of like, in simplistic way, like the moon effects tides. And to make a long story short, plumbing fixtures like faucets, toilets, and water heaters don’t like the pressure changes. So take for example, water heaters. If a water heater has some age and wear (we have even seen “new” water heaters effected) the fluctuating barometric pressure can “push” a leak to occur. It really is amazing…we usually get a “spike” in leaking faucet and water heater calls during and after a rainy day. Check it out for yourself…are you experiencing a leak of some kind after a cooler, or snowy or rainy day?

So, don’t let a rainy day bring you down. Call, Click, or Chat the experts of AttaBoy today and get that leaking faucet, toilet, or water heater problem service by the guys with a skip in their giddyup and a smile on their face.

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