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Let your AttaBoy Plumber Save your Thanksgiving

Helpful Tips to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems

1. Don’t pour fats or oil down kitchen drains especially turkey juices that are loaded with grease that cools and solidifies inside your pipes, coating the walls and building up to cause kitchen sink drain clogs. Use the garbage can to dispose of grease, not the drain.

2. Putting foods such as potato and carrot peelings, turkey skin and pasta can clog your drain, especially in larger quantities.

3. Always, always, always, run the garbage disposal each time you put food into it and then let the water continue to run for a minute or so to allow the food to go down the drain.

4. When possible, allow a few minutes between showers. Ask your guests to wait at least 10 minutes to allow the drains to empty completely. Too many showers at once, can cause a main drain back-up. Also, doing this will allow your water heater to recover and not get over-worked.

5. Flushing items that don’t dissolve in water (i.e. cotton balls, cotton swabs, baby wipes and tampons) will cause a major toilet clog.

By just following these few simple steps, you might be able to avoid a Thanksgiving catastrophe, and spend more time giving thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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PS Of course if you do experience plumbing problems, you know what to do! Better Call AttaBoy!

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