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Melting Snow and Basement Flooding

Sump pumps are just not something we think about…but, wish we had when one morning we step off that bottom step and “skwish” unto the basement carpet! At AttaBoy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling we get calls asking for help from Geist, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Avon, Greenwood, and Indianapolis customers who relate just that same story all to often.

I have to admit…the same story happened to me and my family last Spring…and I should know better, I’m a plumber for goodness sake! The good news is, it only take a little bit of preventative attention to keep from experiencing the scenario we just spoke of having to spend a few thousand dollars in restoration costs and emotional hit with loss of valued property and personal effects.

Simply have the sump pump experts of AttaBoy Plumbing, Heating & Cooling give your sump pump a “check up”. We do that kind of thing often with other things in our lives. Before the start of the year – and my new get back in shape commitment – I saw a doctor to make sure my body was fine to handle the stress I was going to put on it.

Last summer when I took my family on a vacation out west, before we left I took the family “truckster” to the mechanic to have it check out to make sure it was prepared for the road stress I was going to put on it. We should think of our sump pumps and sump pump systems in the same way. They may have been sitting dormant for quite awhile and now, all of a sudden, they are going to get a hard “work out” and put some “miles” on the motor. And, if your sump pump is not up to the task…SKWISH!

AttaBoy Plumbers are sump pump and back up sump pump system experts and are standing by to insure that you stay dry.

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