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My Toilet Is Running

When I was just a little plumber, long before my AttaBoy days, my best friend and I used to call people on the phone and ask them if their refrigerator was running. Of course if they answered “yes” we immediately said, “well you better go catch it!” We thought we were soooo funny. You probably did that too, right?. . . . right? . . . . okaaaaay. Well anyway, at AttaBoy Plumbing¬†we often get calls from customers telling us that their toilet is running. No, we don’t tell them to catch it — that would probably not be great for business. However, we can tell them what is probably causing the problem and offer solutions. Here are some reasons why a toilet “runs” for no apparent reason:

  • The flapper is old, misshaped, or misaligned
  • The flapper chain is catching on something
  • The fill valve or water-measuring device is malfunctioning
  • The float is not rising enough to shut off the water supply

A handy person may be able to determine what is causing the problem, buy the correct parts, and fix their own toilet without calling a plumber. Many folks, however, are not comfortable with these kinds of do-it-yourself repairs and would just as soon leave their plumbing issues to a professional. So, when drips, leaks, and clogs (and running toilets) annoy, you know who to call . . .317-522-0591

. . .better call AttaBoy.

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