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Noblesville Tree Roots

I love trees. In fact, my wife would say I am a tree fanatic. Every year I like to purchase a new tree for our yard. I just love sitting on our back patio in the summer watching the sun light dance in the trees, the wind sing through the leaves, and find myself kinda with the trees themselves…see, I am a tree nut.

Maybe you feel somewhat the same way…but, did you know trees are not very friendly to plumbing. Most sewer stoppages and breaks are caused by tree root damage. We recently replaced a sewer line for one of our Noblesville customers.

They hadn’t had a history of stoppages but all of a sudden their drains started running slow and gurgling ..a common story. We were called out on a slow drain call and wound up running the main sewer line with the large rooter machine.

Our plumbing was able to get the main sewer flowing after pulling back three basketball size root balls. Well, those root balls weren’t flushed down the toilet…a tree root system had breached the sewer tile. This customer had a very mature Maple tree tree that was about ten foot from the sewer line. Maple tree root systems will grow to three times the size of it’s leaf bonnet.

And, tree root systems LOVE to “root out” the rich nutrients found in sewer lines…don’t ask me how they know, they just do. So, as that tree matures in your front yard expect to do some sewer cleaning maintenance ..and, eventually have to replace the sewer line once the tree root ball totally breaches the sewer line.

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