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Plumbing for Your Valentine?

There are all kinds of reasons to have a plumber come out to your house.  You might need a water heater installed; a leak fixed; a drain unclogged; a sump pump checked.  But one of our customers called in and wanted to surprise her Valentines with a special gift – a toilet that would no longer clog.  It seems her husband had simply had enough of frequent plunging, that often didn’t work, and then having to call a professional to auger the toilet to get if flowing again.  AttaBoy was happy to help her out.

After our technician went over the different types of toilets that were available, she decided on a beautiful high-performance model that was well known for not clogging.  To keep her Valentines gift a secret, she had us install it while her husband was at work and to make it an extra special surprise she tied a big red bow around it! Needless to say, her husband LOVED it!  So much so that they called us back to install another one.

So, for Valentine’s Day, remember nothing says “I love you” like a shiny new no-clog toilet. Flowers, chocolates and cards might work too.

Disclaimer:  AttaBoy Plumbing assumes no responsibility for your relationship with your valentine regardless of your decision of what to do with this information.

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