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Weather Whiplash!

Wow. At this moment the temperature outside my office is 67 degrees. The weather forecast, however, says that in two days we will have a HIGH of 17 degrees. That’s 50, count ‘em, 50 degrees difference! Those kinds of weather changes can bring on all kinds of “confusion” for plumbing systems. When temperature, precipitation amounts, and atmospheric pressure fluctuate back and forth in a short time period, it can create various stresses on pipes, pumps, water tanks and other fixtures that can result in problems with plumbing . When those conditions include freezing and melting snow, or some rain, it can be a perfect storm – pun intended. While you may not be able to prevent every plumbing problem that comes along, things such as minimizing exposure of water lines to frigid air or making sure your sump pump is in working order and its discharge line is unobstructed can help minimize basic weather induced problems. If you do see water where it doesn’t belong and it’s a bigger problem than you want to handle yourself, you always know you can call AttaBoy and we’ll come running to the rescue. Well, actually we will come over in a truck.

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